Aggregate Reporting API

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Google's Aggregated Reporting API and Conversion Measurement API provide aggregate data from a Google-controlled server.[1] These APIs are designed to provide marketers aggregate reach and conversion reporting, given marketers using Privacy Sandbox will not have event-level visibility into the media they purchase.[2]

Google's server will provide time-delayed, aggregated metrics only after at least 24 hours have elapsed from the actual events.


By providing publishers time-delayed information, their ability to A/B test and assure quality of changes to their website will be impaired.

By providing marketers time-delayed information, they more of their budget will continue to be spent on publishers providing relatively lesser value.

Open Questions

  • Will frequency reporting be available in addition to reach?

See Also

  • MURRE is designed to address the time-delayed and aggregate impairments of machine learning Google's Aggregate Reporting API otherwise imposes