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Identifiers can be created via human-provided methods (authentication) or via system-generated methods.

System-generated methods can assign an random identifier (e.g., alphanumeric or pure numeric identifier, such as often stored in cookie ID, MAID, CTV device ID) or rely on algorithmic processes to transform network and web-enabled device characteristics into an identifier (e.g., digital “fingerprint”). Such algorithmic processes are often used to identify non-human traffic (robot scripts) to filter content matching, but these same identifiers are discouraged from use for pro-active content matching.

Identifier Scope

An identifier can be cross-publisher (aka as cross-domain), to support use cases such as reach, frequency capping, attribution and optimization. An identifier can be site-specific, to support engagement.

Various identifiers identify different levels of addressability:

  • Household/Individual Identity (e.g., CTV or email)
  • Cross-device (e.g., hashed email)
  • Cross-app/site (e.g., MAID or cookie)
  • Algorithmic ID (e.g., statistical ID for fraud)

Separate from what the identifier actually identifies is which entity generates it (e.g., consumer software such as OS, application/browser, a business such as a server-generated identifier, or a government issued identifier).

Linkages Among Identifiers

The linkages among identifiers (across sites or devices) can be either “deterministic” (joining identifiers via identity) or “probabilistic” (joining identifiers not using identity, but instead by some algorithmic method).

Prebid Supported Identifiers

Prebid enables publishers to pass one or more identifiers to their supply chain partners.

The pseudonymous identifiers Prebid supports can be generated from random inputs, pseudonymous inputs or identity inputs. These identifiers can be generated by organizations that may or may not participate in providing services such as planning, engaging or reporting on media.

Organization Identifier Pseudonymous Data Generates ID Deterministic Identity Generates ID Participates in Media Planning, Engaging or Measurement
Britepool ID No Yes No
DMD Marketing Corp ID No Yes No
Novatiq Snowflake ID No Yes No
Prebid UnifiedId 2.0 No Yes No
ID5 ID Yes Yes No
IntentIQ ID Yes No No
MediaWallah OpenLinkID Yes No No
NetID Yes No No
Parrable ID Yes No No
Prebid Pubcommon ID Yes No No
Prebid SharedId Yes No No
Tapad ID Yes Yes No
DeepIntent ID No Yes Yes
LiveIntent NonID No Yes Yes
Merkle ID No Yes Yes
Admixer ID Yes Yes Yes
Audigent HaloID Yes No Yes
Criteo ID Yes Yes Yes
Liveramp RampID (previosuly IDL) Yes Yes Yes
Lotame Panorama ID Yes No Yes
Neustar FabrickId Yes Yes Yes
NextRoll ID Yes Yes Yes
Quantcast ID Yes No Yes
Retargetly Idx Yes No Yes
Trade Desk UnifiedID Yes No Yes
Verizon MediaID Yes Yes Yes
Zeotap ID+ Yes Yes Yes

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