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Criteo's Testing Environment Enabling Truthful and Actionable Results (TEETAR) is a proposal to measure the effectiveness of Google's Turtledove auction mechanism as being a viable replacement for the interoperable identifiers that support the decentralized, open web.[1]

TEETAR has three goals:

  • Evaluate the economic impact of using cohorts.
  • Evaluate the experience and perception of users exposed to cohort-based advertising.
  • Identify how proposals parameters (e.g., cohort sizes) influence the above two.

TEETER proposes using CPM to measure the economic impact on ecosystem welfare, defined as the value exchanged through advertising, as it directly correlates to both publishers' revenue and advertiser spend.

TEETER proposes using a Net Promoter Score metric for measuring the users' perception of cohort-based advertising.

Open Questions

  • How much data must be collected to quantify the impact of cohort-based advertising?

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