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Prebid Server is an open-source solution for server-to-server header bidding with Prebid.js and Prebid Mobile.

Scope: Prebid Server and Prebid Cache

Description: Server-side header bidding

Chair: Bret Gorsline (Magnite)

Vice Chair: Scott Kay (Xandr)

Audience: Product and Engineers




  • PBS-Go: enhanced cookie sync, full first party data support
  • PBS-Java: Modularity infrastructure


  • Both: Video Events support, compression on network access, logging enhancements, full alias support. PRD
  • Floors Module - PRD
  • PBS-Go: Modularity infrastructure

Items under discussion

  • Improved bid adapter monitoring
  • Loss Notification: For all bidders that supply a lurl (loss url), cache them in PBC. When a win-event comes in, look up the cache entry and hit those that didn't win.
  • Conditional Bidders: account-specific sets of rules for when to remove certain bidders from the auction based on country, datacenter, device type, recent bid rate, session depth, etc.

Triple13 has something along these lines. They're willing to help with requirements.

  • Real Time Data infrastructure: make it easy for vendors to supply account-specific information into the bid stream by supplying parts of the framework like polling, caching, and analytics.
  • Creative Validation infrastructure: make it easy for vendors to plug into the bid response step specifically for rejecting problematic creatives. The infrastructure would define an interface to these vendors based on gathered requirements.
  • Fee Module - adjust bids to be net of fees for any vendor or host services within the PBS ecosystem.

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