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Prebid Server is an open-source solution for server-to-server header bidding with Prebid.js and Prebid Mobile.

Scope: Prebid Server and Prebid Cache

Description: Server-side header bidding

Chair: Bret Gorsline (Magnite)

Vice Chair: Scott Kay (Xandr)

Audience: Product and Engineers





  • Dynamic Stored Requests - an incoming Stored Request ID can be shifted to another based on request characteristics like country, inventory, device type, a random number, etc. Use cases: conditional bidders, A/B testing.
  • PBS-Go: Modularity infrastructure


  • Demand Chain support
  • Logging enhancements
  • Loss Notification: Allow bidders to supply a lurl (loss url), cache them in PBC. When a win-event comes in, look up the cache entry and hit those that didn't win.
  • Real Time Data infrastructure: make it easy for vendors to supply account-specific information into the bid stream by supplying parts of the framework like polling, caching, and analytics.
  • Creative Validation infrastructure: make it easy for vendors to plug into the bid response step specifically for rejecting problematic creatives. The infrastructure would define an interface to these vendors based on gathered requirements.
  • Fee Module - adjust bids to be net of fees for any vendor or host services within the PBS ecosystem.
  • Improved bid adapter monitoring

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