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The goal of Google's Privacy Sandbox is prevent marketers from engaging a particular audience in a particular context.

Google's Dovekey proposal attempts to enable consumer retargeting without any marketers receiving any identifier.[1]

The proposed mechanism requires buyer to store audience attribute information marketers would want to later use as an input into audience creation or auction management within a Google controlled server that acts as a key/value repository.[2] Any use of audience information must be fetched from this server.

Dovekey states that Google's preferred auction mechanism is still Turtledove.[3]


By disclosing audience information to Google, publishers and buyers are leaking their intellectual property associated with that web client (e.g., high value customer).

Open Questions

  • Given the web client must trust the Google server to send it an identifier that can retrieve all the attributes associated with this web client, why should only Google have access to the web client identifier?