Sensitive Information

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Sensitive information is a concept that is applied to Personal Data and content categories.

In relation to personal data, sensitive information is data that is likely to cause a substantive life impact when misused. Typical examples include information that historically has been used to discriminate against a protected members of society (e.g., minorities) or those in need of adult supervision (e.g., children).

In relation to content categories, sensitive information often deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for many organizations' brand safety. Typical examples:

  • Adult & Explicit Sexual Content
  • Arms & Ammunition
  • Crime & Harmful acts to individuals and Society, Human Right Violations
  • Death, Injury or Military Conflict
  • Online piracy
  • Hate speech & acts of aggression
  • Obscenity and Profanity, including language, gestures, and explicitly gory, graphic or repulsive content intended to shock and disgust
  • Illegal Drugs/Tobacco/e-cigarettes/Vaping/Alcohol
  • Spam or Harmful Content
  • Terrorism
  • Debated Sensitive Social Issue[1]