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A worklet is a self-contained logic processing service that executes within Chrome browsers. Each worklet is associated with a single domain, and runs code written by either a buyer or a seller.[1]

Loading logic into the browser

Buyers and sellers post their desired logic to a well-known URL from which the browser will fetch the logic and potentially implement.

Google has not yet specified whether the well-known location will be a Google-controlled server or a URL controlled by the buyer or seller.

Google has not yet specified how buyers or sellers would receive feedback on the following:

  1. Whether Google approved their logic for application in a Chrome browser worklet (useful for QA)
  1. How many browsers have applied this logic (useful for QA)
  1. How many browsers qualify for each output of this logic (useful for planning)

Restricted functions

To prevent buyers or sellers from combining information outside of Google's control, the code in the worklets cannot access or communicate with the publisher page or the network.

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